According to more than four decades of scientific research, and specifically the Belbin team roles theory, an ideal team is made up of nine different personality profiles. Being able to successfully identify how teams are composed should be a priority for managers who want to improve teamwork, collaboration and productivity.

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LONDON, 6 MAY (Reuters) — Einride, a Swedish electric self-driving car startup, announced on Thursday that it has secured $110 million in its latest funding round, which includes new contributions from Maersk’s venture capital arm and Singapore state investor Temasek.

“Retail is closed. By definition, digital becomes 100 percent of our open-for-business business.” -Nike CEO John Donahoe

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The past few years, work in organizations has increasingly become more complex. As technology evolves and work from home increases, both people’s time and expectations have been stretched. But this has come at the expense of massive distractions such as our smartphone constantly interrupting us. Now more than ever, we need strategies to counteract the distraction and effectively become more productive.

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Teamwork aims at a group of well-organized people: each with their own responsibilities, defined tasks and led by a manager, who guides the efforts of the members. When a group of people work towards a previously planned goal, they not only work together with other individuals, but also commit themselves to the company’s objectives.

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Organizations usually emphasize teamwork while searching for maximum performance, but oftentimes the effect of this is limited only to the good intentions from senior management. The most efficient work teams have quite defined characteristics, and they differ from work groups.

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Having said this, we must ask ourselves what are the differences between a work group and a work team? Or rather: how to evolve from a group to a team?

In the age of virtual team meetings from home, workers are faced by constant challenges to their workflow in the form of varying streams of information, changing assets, unpolished communication and interruptions. When team members are remotely based, an extra layer of effort is required to achieve effective communication and collaboration.

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llustration: Alonso Guzmán Barone for Dipossum

Understanding the supply and demand of public sector companies in digital transformation and innovation projects in middle-income countries.

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